Thankyou for making it happen

Sussex Ride & StrideA huge thank you from all of us at the Sussex Historic Churches Trust for being part of the team that makes the Sussex Ride & Stride event happen. You are definitely to put your feet up and reflect on a fun day with a cup of tea (or something stronger if you are over 18 years old).

Final bits of housekeeping!

So now that the event is over for this year, there are just a few bits of 'housekeeping and admin to complete!

Post event checklist

Below is a reminder of the post event checklist, but also see the Organisers Brief (BR1) for full details and explanations.

  • Remind all participants to return their sponsor forms to you by 31st October
  • Please send the following to the SHCT Treasurer (address is printed on the BR8 form):
    • BR4 Cyclist/Walker Sponsor Forms
    • BR5 Registrars Sponsor Forms
    • BR7 Payment Request Form
    • BR8 Remittance Advice Form
  • If you wish to nominate any individuals or team(s) for the Trophy awards, please note this on the BR8 form
  • Please ensure that all the forms are completed in full (e.g. participants' names, addresses and the church name)
  • Please also let your Area Organiser (address is shown on the reverse side of this page) know the number of riders and walkers visiting your church (taken from the BR6 Register of visitors). You can do this by either e-mail, phone or posting the BR6 back to the organiser
  • The Area Organiser would also be grateful for your thoughts on how the event went this year
  • If you are uncertain on any detail - please contact the Area Organiser


Trophy Awards

If your church/chapel had a team of riders/walkers or individuals who did particularly well, please consider nominating for one of the Trophies. See the Award Guidelines


Dealing with the money

  • Please ensure that any sponsorship money is collected by 31st October.
  • The procedure for money after the event is on the back of the leaflet "How to deal with the money" (BR8)
  • Please note: If you could carefully follow these instructions it will reduce the considerable admin for the treasurer - thank you. 
  • Please send one copy to your Area Organiser by 31 October so that he/she is updated on result, not forgetting to quote the Area Reference Number.
  • Please ensure that you include a copy of the Payment Request Form (BR7).

We hope you want to do it all again next year

We hope that you enjoyed being part of Ride & Stride and will come and do it all again next year!


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